NSET – Non-Surgical Embryo Transfer Device


NSET mediated embryo transfer can replace oviduct surgery for the production of transgenic mice via microinjection.

The NSET Device can be used to transfer blastocysts with gene-targeted R1 ES cells.

The NSET Device can be used to transfer cryopreserved embryos.


NSET assists researchers in meeting 2 of Russell & Burch’s 3R’s:


NSET has the potential to reduce the number of animals as the recipient mother can be re-used

NSET, as a refinement helps enhance animal welfare by minimising the potential pain, suffering
and distress of surgery


NSET References

Green et al.Biotechniques. 2009 Nov; 47(5):919-24

NSET UK Published Poster. By Cancer Research UK

NSET Information Leaflet


NSET Device Cost Analysis

 Surgical ProceduresNSET Procedures
Minutes Per Procedure*602
Labour & Overhead/Minute**60 x £1.042x £1.04
Labour & Overhead Cost/Procedure£62.40£2.08
Consumable Cost of NSET***N/A36.00
Total Cost of Procedure£62.40£38.08
NSET Price Reduction39%
* Includes pre and postoperative care. **Overhead cost per facility will vary.
*** Cost analysis does not include reduction of surgical consumables.